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Plasti Dip Blaze is a special and  unique collection of neon Plasti Dip colors that bring distinctive looks to any application. Plasti Dip Blaze also creates  a soft surface that prevents skidding and slipping. It is the best for the brightest possible colors  to apply Plasti Dip Blaze over a white base and it’s better to choose  white Plasti Dip  for optimum adhesion. The Blaze collection is easy to apply to almost any substrate material, and provides a protective coating to shield against corrosion, mild impact, abrasion and the elements. Cured Plasti Dip Blaze will peel off easily from most surfaces in the case you want to change the look of your Plasti Dipped items or if to  the coating gets damaged or wears out. It leaves the material underneath in its original, pre-Dipped condition. Before using just shake it up and spray it on surface.


Kaal 0,5 kg
Mõõtmed 6,7 × 6,7 × 25 cm


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